The benefits of eating an all raw diet are visible in the mirror:  you’re thin, look fit, and have healthy skin and hair.   Inside, the body’s natural vitality is restored, resulting in better digestion and sleep.

These benefits are derived from eating whole natural foods with their enzymes intact. The presence of these enzymes eases the digestive process, reduces stress on the body, and slows down aging.

Cooked and processed foods are hard for the body to identify and absorb, and therefore clog up the system and end up stored as fat. The body understands how to use natural foods and can absorb nutrition while eliminating what it doesn’t use quickly. When the body is freed from digesting large cooked meals it can focus energy on healing, repairing and attacking foreign intruders.

Another major benefit of breaking free from the Standard American Diet (SAD) and going raw for 30 days is having the chance to observe your patterns of behavior toward food. With raw food you have to make more of an effort to prepare the food, so it is harder to eat from boredom or as a reward. You will also notice how much less you need to sustain yourself since everything you eat is nutritious.

I don’t actually think that everyone needs to be 100% raw all the time. All raw works well for people that are looking for a radical change to their current eating habits, those wanting a healthier lifestyle, anyone with an intense desire to be slim, and everyone with a major disease.

After being raw for many months I chose to add in one cooked meal a week. I find this doesn’t disrupt my high energy or cause me to lose focus. I still maintain my ideal weight and feel a connection to the food I eat.

What we choose to put into our own body is very personal. I think it’s important to understand that each of our cells is directly born from everything we put in our mouth and on our skin. That is a fact and the more we understand and think about it the more conscious the process of nourishing our bodies becomes.