This site offers advice for healthy living, made easy. In ten years as a hypnotherapist and student of nutrition I have found a path to vibrant health for myself and my family – knowledge that was hard won.  I hope that by sharing what I’ve learned, you can make this same journey in fewer steps.

As a mother of two young children, natural parenting is especially important to me. I have found appealing alternatives to junk food that my kids ask for and enjoy, and that are laying a foundation for life-long healthy eating.  Kids can learn to love eating raw foods!

There is a lot of misleading, confusing, and impractical information about natural eating and healing-through-nutrition, and my goal with this site is to shine a practical light on natural living so that you can more easily enjoy a fulfilling life.

Learn simple recipes and where to buy the ingredients.

Get book recommendations.

Read articles on specific remedies my family and I use.